Team Hannes Arch

Behind every Red Bull Air Race pilot stands a strong team. That also goes for Hannes Arch. But aside from the ultimate motorsports series in aviation, flying businessman Arch needs people who, together with him, provide support and communication to partners, sponsors and the media, and help put projects into action.

Red Bull Air Race Team

Jojo Pölzl


Jojo Pölzl, Team Coordinator, Team Organization, Head of the Technical Team

Jojo has been team coordinator for Team Hannes Arch since the 2015 season. Until 2010, Jojo worked for the Red Bull Air Race and others, which means he doesn’t only know the Air Race like his own back pocket, he also knows Red Bull. Away from the hangar, Jojo is an active triathlete, making him a perfect training partner for Hannes.

Nigel Dickinson


Nigel Dickinson, Technician 

It’s beyond question: Without his technician Nigel Dickinson, Hannes Arch wouldn’t be able to fly – or at least nowhere near as successfully. A former motocross rider and helicopter technician, the native New Zealander knows his way around every kind of engine. Though his favorite is clearly the one in Hannes’ Edge. Nigel’s most important jobs include assembling the race plane. “Highly meditative work”, admits Nigel. He is also responsible for its air worthiness and safety, plus he bears total responsibility for any kinds of modifications.

Marius Heise


Marius Heise, Aerospace Engineer, Software Development, Tactical Flight Analysis

One of our additions in 2016 is Marius Heise, who grew up in South Africa. Emigrating to Munich before college, it was there that he studied aeronautics. On Hannes’ team he is responsible for consulting on aircraft development as well as on-site tactical flight analysis. He also develops all software tools for racing and is in charge of evaluating the data they generate.

Hartmut Siegmann


Hartmut Siegmann, Aerodynamics & Design, Tactical Flight Analysis

Also new on the team this 2016 race season is Siggi, who is responsible for aerodynamics and design developments on the EDGE 540 V3.He squeezes every fraction of a second out of the plane, develops new components and the race set-up, insuring that the EDGE is perfectly tuned for Hannes by race time. Siggi comments about flight tactics: “The right turns on the track are a real challenge, otherwise the old pylon rule applies: fly low, go fast, turn left!”

Miriam Höller


Miriam Höller, Assistant Team Coordinator, Photographer 

In his life-partner Miriam Höller, Hannes really hit the jackpot from so many perspectives, including the fact they have a shared love for extreme jobs (Miriam is a stunt woman and TV commentator) and she is a great member of his team. In cooperation with Jojo, she coordinates the public schedule at racing events and is Hannes’ most important psychological support. In addition, she’s the team photographer, with a great eye for super behind-the-scenes photos from the hangar as well as around Hannes himself.

Core Team

Agnes Steinacher


Agnes Steinacher, Media & Communication

Also a new member of the crew in 2015, Agnes Steinacher takes care of anything and everything related to the media and communication. She is also something of an assistant to Hannes and, together with Lisa, squares away the administrative issues in Hannes’ office. 

Kurt Kaiser


Kurt Kaiser, Management

Entrepreneur and marketing expert Kurt Kaiser is a good friend of Hannes and an absolute expert in his field.  Earlier, his multiple-award-winning campaigns helped Austria’s ski-jumping team fly to even greater heights. Taking over Hannes’ management in 2015, he constantly “puts the pedal to the metal” when it comes to energizing partners, projects, the Hannes Arch brand and the entire team.

Lisa Arch


Lisa Arch, Back Office

Lisa Arch isn’t only Hannes’ sister, she’s also the kind-hearted soul of the team, always with a good handle on everything that’s going on. She looks after all back-office matters, but she’s also a master of obtaining permits, which means she is constantly coordinating with various public authorities.