Hannes Arch http://example.com en-gb TYPO3 News Mon, 23 Apr 2018 05:23:43 +0200 Mon, 23 Apr 2018 05:23:43 +0200 TYPO3 EXT:news news-79 Fri, 09 Sep 2016 10:08:39 +0200 We are devastated and lost for words http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/we-are-devastated-and-lost-for-words.html We are devastated! Hannes lost his life last night in a helicopter flight in his beloved mountains. We lost our best friend and brother. Words can not describe, how we all feel. In these hours our thoughts are with his girlfriend Miriam, his parents Heidelore and Johann, sister Lisa and nephews Felix and Moritz and all who are close to him! news-75 Mon, 05 Sep 2016 21:10:00 +0200 Comfy Red Bull Air Race life in a Niesmann+Bischoff Motorhome http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/comfy-red-bull-air-race-life-in-a-niesmann-bischoff-motorhome.html On average, Hannes Arch is on the road around three quarters of the year as he competes or trains for the title in the Red Bull Air Race World Championships. Since his World Championship season in 2015, he has now found a perfect “mobile home-away-from-home”. The ARTO 88 E from Niesmann+Bischoff makes it possible for him to get some much-needed rest even at race venues, in a place he knows, feels comfortable and can really wind down. “It was like this RV was created just for me and my team, and it’s a perfect retreat. It served us well even back in 2015. We couldn’t be more excited about the quality of the ARTO”, raved Hannes about his mobile home. The storage room in this 8.76 meters-long vehicle – with its twin beds and L-shaped sofa, speaks for itself: It’s never been easier or more convenient to stow luggage and sports gear. And with its spacious living area, the RV provides ideal conditions for Hannes Arch to relax before races and extended training sessions, but also to sit down, consult, analyze and discuss tactics with his team. 


When it came down to the actual flight time, things went very well, but the placing wasn’t what we expected. Despite his personal best time for this race weekend in Germany, in the “Round of 8” Hannes Arch was unable to make it past Australian Matt Hall into the finals. Just an incredible two one-thousandths of a second – the smallest difference in Red Bull Air Race knock-out duels this season – decided this battle between Austria and Australia. Losing by a hair against the eventual winner of the event was a bitter pill to swallow, but that’s sport for you. Hannes Arch now lies in third place before the two remaining races in the U.S. And his motto will be clear: stay focused, attack and give it everything you’ve got, since your chance at the title is very much alive and well.

news-77 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 20:24:06 +0200 Hannes Arch still on track after Red Bull Air Race Lausitz http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-still-on-track-after-red-bull-air-race-lausitz.html At EuroSpeedway Lausitzring, tens of thousands of fans celebrated the return of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship to Germany after a six-year absence on Sunday. They passionately cheered for current World Championship leader Matthias Dolderer (GER) who was eager to take victory at his home race. The German couldn’t stand up against strong Australian Matt Hall though. Hall defeated the local hero at the sixth stage of the 2016 World Championship and advanced to second place in the overall ranking ahead of Austrian Hannes Arch. The Styrian finished the race on 5th place and still has a chance to win the title at the two remaining stages at the USA. The weather at EuroSpeedway Lausitzring put the fans on a rack during the return of the Red Bull Air Race to Germany. At first, heavy rain retarded the “Round of 14” to be held according to plan. After a one-hour delay, the 14 best pilots in the world finally took off. The seven duels of this first round had been changed over night after Martin Sonka (CZE), who had been third in the qualification, was disqualified due to a violation of the technical race rules (number of revolutions too high). After the reshuffle, Sonka competed with the winner of the qualifying, Nigel Lamb (GBR), while Hannes Arch met Juan Velarde (ESP). 

Austrian champion Hannes Arch kept his fans in suspense in the “Round of 14”. Velarde had provided an excellent time and the Styrian couldn’t keep up with him in the first part of the course. But split time after split time, Arch continuously got faster and finally defeated the Spaniard by three tenths of a second. German Matthias Dolderer also showed a top performance at his home race, delivering the fastest time of the “Round of 14” and winning over strong American Michael Goulian who also reached the next round as the “fastest loser”. Nigel Lamb who had won the qualifying with an outstanding time conceded a 2-second penalty after incorrect level flying at air gate 11 and had to let Martin Sonka go first. 

In the “Round of 8”, Hannes Arch delivered his personal best time of the race weekend but couldn’t clear the hurdle and reach the finals as Australian Matt Hall was two milliseconds faster – the tiniest margin of all Red Bull Air Race knock-out duels in this season! World Championship leader Matthias Dolderer managed to beat Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA) and now met Matt Hall, Pete McLeod (CAN), and Martin Sonka in the finals. This gave him the opportunity to extend his lead over Hannes Arch in the world ranking – by how many points, this was to be decided in the thrilling final round. 

At the “Final 4”, it was again Matt Hall who provided a very fast time. Urged by the fanatic crowd to show a top performance, Matthias Dolderer fought with the bit between the teeth but couldn’t outmatch the Australian. Dolderer got second and took 12 points out of this sixth stage of the season still leading the ranking with a comfortable lead. Earning 15 points, Matt Hall passed Hannes Arch in the overall ranking.

This trio from Germany, Australia and Austria will now fight for the title at the final two stages at Indianapolis (October 1 & 2, 2016) and Las Vegas (October 15 & 16, 2016). Arch theoretically still has the chance to win the crown of the ultimate motorsport series in the air, recapping the race weekend optimistically: “Though we had the third-best time in the Round of 8, unfortunately it was not enough to improve our situation in the ranking. But we’re still on the forefront, we’re still motivated, and we’ll put the pedal to the metal at the final two races!”


Red Bull Air Race World Championship Ranking 2016 (after 6 of 8 races): 1. Matthias Dolderer (GER, 65.25 points), 2. Matt Hall (AUS, 48.75), 3. Hannes Arch (AUT, 41) 4. Kirby Chambliss (USA, 30.25), 5. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA, 30), 6. Martin Sonka (CZE, 27), 7. Nigel Lamb (GBR, 25.75), 8. Yoshihide Muroya (JPN, 25.50), 9. Pete McLeod (CAN, 21.50), 10. Michael Goulian (USA, 18.75), 11. Juan Velarde (ESP, 11.25), 12. Francois Le Vot (FRA, 10), 13. Peter Podlunsek (SLO, 4), 14. Petr Kopfstein (CZE, 2)

news-69 Fri, 02 Sep 2016 12:48:10 +0200 Six years in the making: Can Hannes Arch make it two in a row at Lausitz? http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/six-years-in-the-making-can-hannes-arch-make-it-two-in-a-row-at-lausitz.html Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch of Austria is one of the few pilots who still has a realistic chance to catch overall leader Matthias Dolderer of Germany before the world champion is crowned in October, making this weekend’s race in Dolderer’s home skies even more momentous. Hannes Arch of Austria has been waiting since 2010 to defend his status as the the only Red Bull Air Race pilot ever to win a race at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, and this weekend he’ll finally get his chance. Currently holding the number two spot in the overall standings behind Germany’s own Matthias Dolderer with only three races to go, it’s also a critical moment in Arch’s campaign to earn the second world title of his career.

“In 2010, Lausitz was a race that showed the potential of air racing,” says Arch, who in 2008 became the first European to win the world championship. “Also, it was the last race [of the season], and for most of us it seemed that it would be the last race forever – to win this race was for me really important... I have very good memories.”

The 2010 season finale at the oval formerly known as the Lausitzring was an absolute nail-biter, with Arch and Britain’s Paul Bonhomme going head-to-head for the world championship title. In the end, because Bonhomme came into the event with the overall lead, his second place finish behind Arch was enough to give Team Bonhomme the championship, but Arch’s race win had the German-speaking crowd roaring.

It was after the Lausitz race that the Red Bull Air Race went on a three-year hiatus; but when the world championship fired up again in 2014, Arch decided to launch back into the mix, becoming the most decorated pilot in the current lineup.

Like the first race in Lausitz, the stop at the EuroSpeedway this weekend will demonstrate the top thrills – and skills – of Air Racing, this time on a particularly technical and difficult track with 15 Air Gates and two high-G turning maneuvers. After managing to claim third place at the previous stop in Ascot despite problems with their raceplane, Team Hannes Arch Racing 22 has been hard at work to ameliorate the technical issues, and their mindset is thoroughly motivated.


“We had to repair our engine as it was broken in Ascot,” Arch explained during the short three-week pause between races. “The plane will be ready for Lausitz.”

news-66 Tue, 30 Aug 2016 10:24:00 +0200 HANNES ARCH VS. MATTHIAS DOLDERER: COMPETITION HEATS UP AT LAUSITZRING! http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-vs-matthias-dolderer-competition-heats-up-at-lausitzring.html With the 6th stage of the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship at Lausitzring on September 3 and 4, 2016, coming closer, the pilots are preparing for the return of the series to Germany. In 2010, Hannes Arch won the last race that took place in Germany. From the Austrian’s view, the odds are good to show current world championship leader and local hero Matthias Dolderer (GER) his limits and earn precious points for the title fight. The last race of the season in Europe will certainly be a thrilling one for Hannes, before the ultimate motor sports series in the air will cross the Atlantic and enter home stretch in the USA. For Hannes Arch, the return of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship to EuroSpeedway Lausitzring means mixed feelings. On the one hand, he won the last race in Germany at the 2010 season’s final. On the other hand, Brit Paul Bonhomme took second place and the 2010 World Championship by only four points ahead of the Styrian. More than 100,000 spectators watched this showdown of the world’s best pilots. After six years of absence, Lausitzring will provide a unique backdrop with tens of thousands of fans again. German fans are looking forward to the return of Red Bull Air Race and will cheer for local hero and world ranking leader Matthias Dolderer. But we have not yet heard the last word on this issue as Hannes Arch is lurking in second place!

Austria vs. Germany, which is always an emotional duel especially in football and skiing, this year also puts up a good fight at the ultimate motor sports series in the air. At Hannes Arch’s home race at Spielberg in April 2016, Matthias Dolderer celebrated his first ever Red Bull Air Race win while Arch got second. After collecting points at Chiba, Budapest and Ascot, the German is now first in the world ranking with an 18.25 point lead. If the Austrian wants to come closer, he has to beat Dolderer at his home race and take revenge for Spielberg. Then, the decision will be made at the last races of the season at Indianapolis, Indiana, on October 1 & 2 and Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 15 & 16, 2016.

Red Bull Air Race World Championship Ranking 2016 (after 5 of 8 races):
1. Matthias Dolderer (GER, 53.25 points), 2. Hannes Arch (AUT, 35), 3. Matt Hall (AUS, 33.75), 4. Kirby Chambliss (USA, 27.25), 5. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA, 26), 6. Yoshihide Muroya (JPN, 25.50), 7. Nigel Lamb (GBR, 24.75), 8. Martin Sonka (CZE, 20), 9. Michael Goulian (USA, 14.75), 10. Pete McLeod (CAN, 12.50), 11. Francois LeVot (FRA, 10), 12. Juan Velarde (ESP, 9.25), 13. Peter Podlunsek (SLO, 4), 14. Petr Kopfstein (CZE, 2)

news-63 Sat, 20 Aug 2016 14:04:28 +0200 Spectacular airshow at x-bionic® sphere Sportfest http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/spectacular-airshow-at-x-bionicr-sphere-sportfest.html It was the splendid climax of the x-bionic® sphere summer season: apart from prestigious Challenge Family Triathlon Šamorín, the 3-day festival offered the visitors a varied programme crowned with a spectacular airshow by Red Bull Air Race World Champion Hannes Arch. Providing three days packed with adrenaline, x-bionic® sphere Sportfest was the absolute highlight of the summer season. At Challenge Family Triathlon Šamorín, one of the most prestigious global triathlon competitions, the spectators cheered for the athletes while the kids proved themselves in the Aquatlon and kid's triathlon contests. With a multifaceted programme including live gigs and sport events, Sommerfest provided entertainment for everyone. The exciting airshow by Red Bull Air Race World Champion Hannes Arch turned out to be the icing of the cake of the festival though. Together with Flying Bulls Czech Aerobatics Team, he thrilled his fans and other adrenaline junkies with his jaw-dropping manoeuvres.


The unique training facilities at the huge multi-sport complex near Bratislava, Slovakia, provide the perfect infrastructure for the 2008 Red Bull Air Race world champion to physically and mentally prepare for the ultimate motorsport series in the sky. Following his 3rd place at the recent Ascot race, Hannes is currently making use of the x-bionic® sphere facilities for intensive training and regeneration units in the run-up to  Red Bull Air Race Germany (Lausitzring, September 3 & 4, 2016).

news-61 Tue, 16 Aug 2016 15:59:53 +0200 scalaria symphony caused quite a stir http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/scalaria-symphony-caused-quite-a-stir.html Music, technology, hospitality, and emotion! On July 23, 2016, international guests of distinction gathered at Wolfgangsee to watch the advance showing of open-air production scalaria symphony. After 10 years with the spectacular air show scalaria air challenge, the new masterpiece continues the scalaria success story. The exclusive event provided an extraordinary fusion of a huge theatric staging, live music, and coordinated air activities. In addition, the event was used as a premium business forum.
Hannes and his team were deeply impressed by the great show. “I’m proud to be part of scalaria symphony. I’m looking forward to another jaw-dropping show next year”, the former Red Bull Air Race world champion whose spectacular LED air show was the highlight of the evening stated.

news-59 Sun, 14 Aug 2016 18:53:29 +0200 Hannes Arch 3rd in Ascot http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-3rd-in-ascot.html Matt Hall is the winner of the 5th stage of the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship at Ascot’s royal racecourse. In a thrilling final, the Australian stayed cool and took victory ahead of championship leader Matthias Dolderer (GER). Thanks to fast flights and despite a “safety climb-out”, Austrian Hannes Arch got third. Thousands of spectators gathered at the famous royal Ascot racecourse near London on Sunday to watch the 5th stage of the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship closely. The 14 pilots wowed them with a thrilling showdown.

At perfect conditions, the world’s best pilots once again took over the air space above the royal lawn. Following technical difficulties, Austrian Hannes Arch had problems at the beginning of the race day. At the Round of 14, he could do nothing against the strong flight of Australian pilot Matt Hall. But thanks to the later disqualification of Czech pilot Petr Kopfstein, Arch was allowed to enter the Round of 8. In a thrilling duel, he defeated Brit pilot Nigel Lamb who did his last race in front of his home audience.

In the Round of 4, Australian pilot Matt Hall set an impressive time that even championship leader Matthias Dolderer couldn’t top. The German had constantly shown good flights over the weekend and again delivered a very fast time, but not fast enough to beat Hall. Styrian Hannes Arch had to go for a “safety climb-out” but due to his strong times and strong nerves took third place taking precious championship points into the last 3 races of the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship. “We had many technical problems during the week. We even had to change the cylinder. That’s why I didn’t have the time to really focus on racing. After the Round of 14, I had already finished with the race. I was surprised when I was back in the game. Maybe I was not absolutely focussed after that. Anyway, I’m really happy with 3rd place,” Hannes Arch stated. 4th place went to Michael Goulian (USA).

Results Red Bull Air Race Ascot 2016

1.     Matt Hall (AUS)                     01:03.426

2.     Matthias Dolderer (GER)        01:04.887

3.     Hannes Arch (AUT)                DNF

4.     Michael Goulian (USA)           DNF

Red Bull Air Race World Championship Ranking 2016 (after 5 of 8 races): 

1. Matthias Dolderer (GER, 53.25 points), 2. Hannes Arch (AUT, 35), 3. Matt Hall (AUS, 33.75), 4. Kirby Chambliss (USA, 27.25), 5. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA, 26), 6. Yoshihide Muroya (JPN, 25.50), 7. Nigel Lamb (GBR, 24.75), 8. Martin Sonka (CZE, 20), 9. Michael Goulian (USA, 14.75), 10. Pete McLeod (CAN, 12.50), 11. Francois LeVot (FRA, 10), 12. Juan Velarde (ESP, 9.25), 13. Peter Podlunsek (SLO, 4), 14. Petr Kopfstein (CZE, 2)


news-57 Tue, 09 Aug 2016 21:54:56 +0200 ASCOT IS READY FOR A NEW RED BULL AIR RACE WINNER http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/ascot-is-ready-for-a-new-red-bull-air-race-winner.html For the last 2 years, Brit Paul Bonhomme has dominated the Red Bull Air Race in the English town of Ascot. The 3-time world champion, who in the meantime has retired, didn’t miss the chance for a home victory over the past 2 years. Halfway through the 2016 season, German Matthias Dolderer is in the lead. Close behind him are 6 top pilots including Hannes Arch in 2nd place, who with only an 8 point difference is in a close fight for the top spot. Pure excitement is guaranteed this coming weekend (August 13/14) with the ultimate motor sports series of the skies over royal terrain. As in 2015, this year’s 2nd season half of the Red Bull Air Race world championship will be held over the famous Ascot race course west of the metropolis of London. When it comes to the world championship lead, nothing will change at the moment, because after race in Budapest, which had to be cancelled before the final round due to weather conditions, Matthias Dolderer (GER) had a 15 point lead over Hannes Arch. Even with a race with no points and a victory by the Austrian, the German can’t be ousted from the top spot for the time being. However, it is a different story for those ranked behind him. No fewer than 6 pilots are within only 8 points of one another. It is inevitable that these pilots will be jockeying for position.

2008 Red Bull Air Race Worldchampion Hannes Arch is perfectly prepared and has kept in shape. He has flown in a few air shows for g-force training, and he has completed many helicopter transport flights in Switzerland to improve concentration and coordination and gain even more experience. He would like to use his abilities for future charity projects such as the building of schools and hospitals in the Himalayas. “I love flying in the mountains no matter whether it’s in a helicopter, for air shows, or with a paraglider”, said Hannes Arch in expressing his excitement. At Ascot, he still has some unfinished business to take care of and wants to really fly high this time. So far, he has been unlucky on the British Isles. In 2014, there was a misunderstanding on the radio with the race director regarding “smoke on/off”, and in 2015, his plane simply didn’t want to start before the Round of 8: “Last year, I beat Paul (Bonhomme) by almost one second before the Round of 8. The logical conclusion is: I am fast in Ascot, and I like the track. This year, we must have contingency plans and be absolutely certain that the machine is in perfect condition”, so a very focused Hannes Arch.



World Championship overall rankings 2016 (after 4 of 8 races):
1. Matthias Dolderer (GER, 41.25 points), 2. Hannes Arch (AUT, 26), 3. Kirby Chambliss (USA, 25.25), 4. Yoshihide Muroya (JPN, 22.50), 5. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA, 22). 6. Nigel Lamb (GBR, 19.75), 7. Matt Hall (AUS, 18.75), 8. Martin Sonka (CZE, 14), 9. Pete McLeod (CAN, 12.50), 10. Francois LeVot (FRA, 10), 11. Juan Velarde (ESP, 9.25), 12. Michael Goulian (USA, 6.75), 13. Peter Podlunsek (SLO, 3), 14. Petr Kopfstein (CZE, 2);


news-54 Sun, 17 Jul 2016 19:51:50 +0200 Hannes Arch Takes 2nd Place At Budapest http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-takes-2nd-place-at-budapest.html The 4th stage of the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship at Budapest was filled with excitement and surprises, fascinating the crowd with thrilling action. Due to an emerging storm front, the race had to be cancelled after the “Round of 8”. In front of the unique backdrop of the Hungarian capital, Matthias Dolderer (GER) took the win ahead of Hannes Arch (AUT) and Matt Hall (AUS). Despite several breaks due to bad weather, countless spectators followed the awe-inspiring action over Danube River and cheered for the pilots of the ultimate motorsports series in the sky. Difficult conditions at first knockout round. After the qualification had to be cancelled on Saturday, the 14 best pilots in the world had to master the challenging racetrack on Sunday. Due to the high water level of Danube River, the track had to be erected upstream the world-famous Chain Bridge instead of downstream as originally planned. Fired up by lots of waterproof fans, Styrian pilot Hannes Arch beat Francois LeVot (FRA) at the “Round of 14” after the French pilot had exceeded the G-force limit. Nigel Lamb (GBR), Matt Hall, and Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA) also qualified for the next round. After a short bad-weather break, Matthias Dolderer, Kirby Chambliss (USA), as well as “fastest loser” and winner of the Chiba stage, Yoshihide Muroya (JPN), joined them in the “Round of 8”.

 Bad weather inhibited finals. Despite the incalculable weather, the exciting competition could be continued with the “Round of 8”. In an impressive run, Hannes Arch defeated 2014 world champion, Nigel Lamb. In addition, Matt Hall, Kirby Chambliss, and Matthias Dolderer qualified for the final round. As a massive storm was approaching, the organizers had to cancel the finals though and the results of the Round of 8 counted for the final ranking. It was a German-Austrian déjà vu as Dolderer had already won the Spielberg stage ahead of Arch. Matt Hall and Kirby Chambliss took ranks 3 and 4. “I’m really thankful to be on the podium again. Budapest is something like a home race for me. I love to fly over Danube River and between these beautiful buildings. I really pushed the envelope. My team and me gave everything. We’re very proud to have such a great result again. But it was a tough race, the conditions were really difficult,” the Austrian said after the race.


Results Red Bull Air Race Budapest 2016

1.     Matthias Dolderer (GER)               00:58.653

2.     Hannes Arch (AUT)                      00:58.943

3.     Matt Hall (AUS)                           00:59.236

4.     Kirby Chambliss                          00:59.456


Red Bull Air Race 2016 Overall Ranking (after 4 of 8 races): 
1. Matthias Dolderer (GER, 41.25 points), 2. Hannes Arch (AUT, 26), 3. Kirby Chambliss (USA, 25.25), 4. Yoshihide Muroya (JPN, 22.50), 5. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA, 22). 6. Nigel Lamb (GBR, 19.75), 7. Matt Hall (AUS, 18.75), 8. Martin Sonka (CZE, 14), 9. Pete McLeod (CAN, 12.50), 10. Francois LeVot (FRA, 10), 11. Juan Velarde (ESP, 9.25), 12. Michael Goulian (USA, 6.75), 13. Peter Podlunsek (SLO, 3), 14. Petr Kopfstein (CZE, 2)

news-52 Fri, 08 Jul 2016 15:13:42 +0200 Hannes Arch is the new Ambassador of x-bionic® sphere - The Red Bull Air Race Pilot Will Hold A Spectacular Air Show At The Grand Opening http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-is-the-new-ambassador-of-x-bionicr-sphere-the-red-bull-air-race-pilot-will-hold-a-sp.html It will be the adrenalin-fuelled highlight of the grand x-bionic® sphere SPORTFEST: on August 20th, 2016, Austrian Red Bull Air Race pilot Hannes Arch will hold a breath-taking air show at the new multi-sports complex. The sports meeting at Šamorín near Bratislava, Slovakia, will offer visitors a lot of thrilling attractions. At a press conference on July 7, 2016, Hannes Arch presented his new partnership with x-bionic® sphere. Besides flying, 2008 Red Bull Air Race World Champion Hannes Arch loves a lot of other extreme sports including paragliding, mountaineering, sport climbing, and B.A.S.E. jumping. On August 20th, 2016, he will deliver a fantastic air show electrifying flying and adrenaline enthusiasts as well as families with his jaw-dropping manoeuvres. Hannes Arch and the Flying Bulls Czech Aerobatics Team will be one of the absolute highlights of the 3-day SPORTFEST celebrating the summer season at x-bionic® sphere.

The unique training facilities of the huge multifunctional sports complex excite professional athletes from all over the world, including Hannes Arch. x-bionic® sphere offers him the perfect infrastructure to prepare for the upcoming stages of the ultimate motorsport series in the sky. Especially in the run-up to the Red Bull Air Race Budapest, one of his favourite races, he will use the facilities for extensive training and regeneration units. A mix of cardio, strength and regeneration training helps the Red Bull Air Race World Champion not only dealing with the heat during the race but also getting his mind free and staying focused.

The pilot from Styria is thrilled about the new cooperation and the resulting options for both sides: “x-bionic sphere in Šamorín is really outstanding. With his passion, the author of the idea of of x-bionic® sphere Mario Hoffmann has created the most perfect training and relaxation location in Europe. I’m looking forward to this cool partnership as well as many inspiring and pleasant stays,” Hannes Arch said.

About x-bionic® sphere

x-bionic® sphere is a place that unites sport, relax and innovation, which are brought to you in cooperation with a global sport brand of top quality, X-BIONIC®. This unique and multifunctional complex, which is a paradise for demanding visitors, professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, families, as well as for people who like health and wellness, is unparalleled in the world. It is situated in the vicinity of Bratislava and Vienna and has some of the best training facilities in the world. x-bionic® sphere provides professional conditions for 27 Olympic sport disciplines, including one of the most modern and biggest Olympic equestrian centers, not to mention the excellent X-BIONIC® HOTEL and congress centers.

news-50 Sun, 05 Jun 2016 16:06:04 +0200 Look-back on Chiba with an eye on Budapest http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/look-back-on-chiba-with-an-eye-on-budapest.html At the third stop of the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Chiba, the athletes were confronted by tough conditions on Sunday as well. Hannes Arch took a hard-fought 6th place, leaving Japan with important World Championship points in his pocket. Home favorite Yoshihide Muroya had the best handle on the wind as well as a course that was on the open sea. He celebrated a sensational home victory and the first of his career! On race-Sunday alone, over 50,000 Japanese fans were able to celebrate the triumph of their local hero in this, the ultimate motorsports series in aviation!


Hannes Arch was “too fast”. For Hannes Arch, the “Round of 8” was virtually over before it even began. Pushing the limits, the Austrian flew a tad too fast into the course and was docked a one-second penalty for passing through the start gate at too high a speed.


“A little mistake with big consequences. Generally speaking, we had very little track- and training time due to qualifying having to be called off on Saturday. Which meant, we weren’t able to do everything exactly as we’d originally planned. The preparation time was simply too limited. You could also see that in the fact that all of the pilots with make-up training runs today were very fast. In the “Round of 8”, I could have flown with more self-confidence, though my coolness on the track was ok. Our plane is very fast, the team works extraordinarily well together, and the World Championship is more open and exciting than ever before. Everything is possible. I am totally motivated and already looking forward to Budapest”, says Hannes Arch.


news-48 Thu, 02 Jun 2016 15:18:29 +0200 “We’re on the right track” http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/were-on-the-right-track.html Work in Progress: Hannes Arch looks to confirm his upwards trend at the Red Bull Air Race in Japan. Capturing second place at his home race in Spielberg, Hannes Arch is right back on track after the disappointing season-opener in Abu Dhabi. In Chiba / Japan (4-5 June), last year’s World Championship third-place finisher is ready to raise the ante. One key to success might well be a touch of Nepalese serenity the 48-year-old will bring to Japan after his recent trip to the former kingdom. Red Bull TV and Servus TV will be broadcasting the race live.


Hannes, your Facebook account says that this time you prepared for Chiba with a view of Mount Everest: How long were you in Nepal and what were you up to there?

(laughs) That’s one way to look at it, I guess. I was down there for a week. On the one hand to prepare for a project with KTM, a kind of location check by helicopter. And on the other, just to get in some quality hiking and trekking. As you can imagine, there’s nowhere better for that than the region at the base of Everest, and it was really great fun!


Do you need to create mental and physical distance from the Red Bull Air Race between events, or are timeouts like this shortly before a race weekend more of a disadvantage?

I really need that distance. Let’s face it, no one’s out there just sitting in their race plane between events. In fact, the aircraft are generally sent straight to the next location. For me, the mountains are a perfect counterbalance.


How do you manage to shift gears between relaxation mode and competition mode?

That’s rarely a problem, especially in Japan, since the entire venue is wired into race mode. As for the rest, you are just excited at the prospect of flying in the next race and totally focused on getting yourself and the race plane prepared for the start of the event. My passion for racing, plus having a great team to work with, make the adjustment extremely simple. Honestly, it’s not something I give a second thought to.


What lessons will you take from your home event in Spielberg for the upcoming races?

The most important lesson from Spielberg, and also from Abu Dhabi, is that we are absolutely right on track!  The team and our plane are purring along, and we’re as calm a group as we’ve ever been, allowing us to work on fine-tuning the things that will take us to even greater success.


What are you looking forward to especially at the race in Japan?

To the challenge of getting a good result despite the difficult conditions. That means the weather, which is always tricky in Chiba, as well as the special rules in place for this course, which includes being forced to fly the vertical turning maneuver high, rather than trying to keep it flat. Right now, it’s hard to understand why, but we’ll try to make the best of it. On that point especially, I hope the extra calmness I’ve brought back with me from Nepal  gives me an added advantage (laughs).

news-41 Sun, 24 Apr 2016 16:43:20 +0200 Hannes Arch second in Spielberg http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-second-in-spielberg.html Brisk temperatures weren’t able to stop 16,000 total fans from coming to this year’s race weekend in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship at the Red Bull Ring. In fact, they gave everything they had to fire on Austrian Hannes Arch in his home race. And they were indeed rewarded for their efforts: In an exciting finale, they watched the unleashed Styrian finish second only to German Matthias Dolderer. 14 of the world’s best race pilots definitely had no easy task at this, the second stop of the season in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2016, in Spielberg. Despite the difficult conditions, the athletes raced with impressive precision and at speeds as high as 370 km/h through the air gates, didn’t allow the wind or the snowflakes to get them out of their zone, and served up a competition that was exciting to watch.
Petr Kopfstein, the Czech Master Class Pilot on Team Spielberg, was the first opponent of spectator-favorite, Hannes Arch. The Austrian won through with a solid, error-free run, earning appreciative applause from the grandstands. After a sparkling victory in qualifying, Spaniard Juan Velarde, who had already brought strong performances in this World Championship, took too high a risk on this particular race Sunday and was eliminated in the “Round of 14” for pushing too many G’s.
In the “Round of 8” in his home race, Hannes Arch met US pilot Kirby Chambliss. With a fantastic run, the Styrian definitely warmed the hearts of his fans at the Red Bull Ring. Clocking 57.254 seconds, the local hero put down a really hot time, one that Kirby Chambliss was not able to catch. Which then brought Hannes Arch, along with Pete McLeod (CAN), Matthias Dolderer (GER) and Nigel Lamb (GBR), into the finals – a top quartet for the grand showdown in Styria!
Canadian Pete McLeod opened the battle for trophies in this year’s Austrian appearance of the ultimate motor sports series in aviation. With a spirited flight, Hannes Arch temporarily took the lead, but then had to hold his breath. Matthias Dolderer has shown on countless occasions, why he should always be counted one of the favorites in every race. In Spielberg 2016, he followed on the heels of Australian Matt Hall, who had been able to celebrate the first win in his career in Styria in 2015. In similar fashion, the German also managed to secure his own first gold trophy and took over leadership in the World Championship. Hannes Arch congratulated his opponent: “I am super satisfied, even with second place. Of course, I always want to come in first, but I am pleased everything turned out so well. The team did great work and the fans were fantastic. And the fact that Matthias was able to pull out such an amazing run, incredible! He took lots of risks and he deserved to win.”

Spielberg Race 2016, Finale Results

1.     Matthias Dolderer (GER)             00:56.996

2.     Hannes Arch (AUT)                    00:57.336

3.     Nigel Lamb (GBR)                      00:57.349

4.     Pete McLeod (CAN)                   00:57.598


World Championship Overall Standings 2016 (after 2 of 8 races): 
1. Matthias Dolderer (GER, 27 points), 2. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA, 19), 3. Hannes Arch (AUT, 12), 4. Pete McLeod (CAN, 11), 5. Kirby Chambliss (USA, 11), 6. Nigel Lamb (GBR, 9), 7. Francois LeVot (FRA, 9), 8. Matt Hall (AUS, 8), 9. Michael Goulian (USA, 6), 10. Peter Podlunsek (SLO, 3), 11. Yoshihide Muroya (JPN, 3), 12. Martin Sonka (CZE, 2), 13. Juan Velarde (ESP, 1), 14. Petr Kopfstein (CZE, 0);

Red Bull Air Race on ServusTV. On Monday, 25 April, Hannes Arch and German Red Bull Air Race Pilot Matthias Dolderer will both be making live guest appearances at 9:15 p.m. in the show “Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7”, at which time they will review all of the highlights of the Spielberg race.

news-39 Thu, 14 Apr 2016 13:55:54 +0200 Hannes Arch flies slalom through WIND PARK http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-flies-slalom-through-wind-park.html His fans are accustomed to seeing a lot from extreme sportsman Hannes Arch, but this slalom flight prior to the next stop on the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2016 circuit was absolutely extraordinary. Just a few kilometers from Spielberg, where the Styrian will be competing on 23/24 April in his home race, he made a long-held dream come true at the highest windfarm in Austria (elev. 1900 meters). At speeds over 300 km/h, Hannes Arch was probably the first person ever to fly slalom between wind turbines – 14 in total, at the Tauern Wind Park in Oberzeiring! Constantly searching for new challenges and different ways to harness his abilities, by completing this feat the passionate race pilot managed to set a spectacular milestone in his career, and he couldn’t have been more thrilled: “Flying here was insanely enjoyable, and it was great motivation for the Red Bull Air Race in Spielberg in soon!” In the Red Bull Air Race World Championships, the goal is to go head-to-head against 14 of the world’s best race pilots to complete a course of 25-meter high air gates in highly maneuverable, lightweight planes as quickly as possible. If you happen to brush one of the inflatable pylons, you incur penalty seconds. The pylons tear immediately on contact. Of course, Hannes Arch wouldn’t be a Red Bull Race Champion if he didn’t constantly search for new challenges. Gazing on the Tauern Wind Park in his Styrian homeland, the native of Trofaiach had often played with the idea of attempting a slalom flight in Oberzeiring: “If, as a Red Bull Air Race pilot, you have such a windfarm at your front door and fly past it, it’s no wonder that you also want to fly through it at some point!” Wind turbines don’t bend, and that’s precisely why the idea of flying in between such massive “gates” had such an irresistible appeal for the Austrian pilot. He assures us:  Respect is of ultimate importance, and without my experience as a Red Bull Air Race pilot I would never have given flying between them a second thought.” The Tauern Wind Park lies at 1900 meters above sea level and, with its 14 wind turbines, is the highest windfarm in Austria, also one of the highest in the world.

With official permission from the authorities in consultation with Wind Park management, and after intensive preparations, just a few days ago Hannes Arch finally powered his way between the 60 meters-high wind turbines in the Niedere Tauern mountains, realizing the wish he had been nurturing for so long. After the flight at over 300 km/h and stresses on his body of as much as 6 G, the Styrian was absolutely beaming as one of the few, if not the first person ever to fly a slalom route through a wind park: “I don’t know if a pilot has ever done anything comparable. Regardless, I am super happy that I was privileged to have such an experience”, and the Austrian continues: “One of the greatest challenges in comparison to the Red Bull Air Race is having to adapt far more to the natural conditions. In the middle of the mountains, you are rising and falling. You can’t fly as close to the obstacles, which increases the radius, and, at around 300 km/h, things can get a bit tight. Every second, you have to be perfectly clear in your mind that you have wind turbines in front of you and need to know precisely what you are going to do next. Though it has nothing to do with the Red Bull Air Race, it’s every bit as much fun, with the added benefit that it’s not about the time you clock. Things will get really serious again at the next race in Spielberg!”


Hannes Arch loves his home region, the mountains and flying – all of which came together in the premiere of the “Wind Park Rally” in Oberzeiring. For the passionate pilot, this flight was a perfect change of pace in order to clear his mind for the next important race. The anticipation of his fans and the atmosphere at the Red Bull Ring are a real motivator for Hannes Arch, of course. Plus, the local hero still has an account to settle at the Spielberg. He wants to celebrate the home victory he has sought for so long, having missed out on the 2014 World Championship title by a whisker, and touching the first pylon in last year’s race, which immediately put him out of contention. Awaiting fans in Spielberg on 23/24 April will be an enthralling motorsports competition along with a first-class program of side events. Tickets and complete information are available at www.redbullairrace.com/de_AT/event/spielberg-2016. 

news-35 Wed, 30 Mar 2016 06:43:00 +0200 Hannes Arch has high aims for Spielberg http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-has-high-aims-for-spielberg.html The start in Abu Dhabi was promising with the entry in the final 4. Speed and spirit were in tune but the pilots had first to accustom to the new rules of the Air Race. Austria´s fastest pilot, Hannes Arch, is now particularly looking forward to the challenging course on home-ground in Spielberg on 23rd and 24th April. “From Abu Dhabi I must take the positive side with me, the entry in the final 4 and the second best time of the day.  One can build up on this”, says Hannes Arch after the first race and his preparation for the season.  The groundwork concerned less the plane, on which no great modifications were made, but mainly the body and mental ability of Hannes.  He trained for many hours in the mountains for this purpose.  This investment in body and soul, as well as the time he spent with his partner and his family gave him new energy for concentration and reflection for the 2016 season.

During the winter the newly composed team invested a lot of time in analysis, for the plane is in itself   fast, but it takes more than just having a good machine.  Data management, technicalities, mental training, body fitness, in end effect all this supports the fact that Hannes is fast in the air when necessary.

“Our team achieved top work, now we must take this drive with us to Spielberg”, says the optimistic Styrian who looks forward to his home race at the end of April.  With a second stop on 23rd and 24th April, the Red Bull Air Race returns again to the Red Bull Ring which naturally pleases Hannes especially.  “It is always great for me to fly at home although after the last two races there, I have an account open, but that motivates me even more, to be able to give my best for all my true fans!  For me it is my home race as I come from Styria and grew up not far from Spielberg.  Irrespective of the fact that the track really suits me, we fly at different levels, there are trees between so particularly difficult, but also the course is very exciting to fly.   Sometimes the wind in Spielberg plays a big factor, as a gust of wind can strongly influence the race, much as was clear in 2015.  The race in Spielberg is always very emotional for me because there are so many fans present.  Also my family and many friends are there who push me even more with their enthusiasm”, says with pleasure Austria´s fastest pilot on the Austria stop of the series.

The Red Bull Air Race in Spielberg is so special for the fans because the whole race can be closely followed as it happens directly in front of the eyes of the spectators.  Not only do you feel the emotion live but also the impressive speed,  precision and reaction which is required of the pilot, when at 400 km an hour he roars through the pylons.  Also the position of the Race Airport, which lies directly on the track, makes it still more exciting for the fans as the pilots here are nearer to the fans as by many other locations.  Additionally the spectators are offered a super all-round programme for the time when there is nothing happening in the air, for there is a full programme of entertainment for the whole family.

news-37 Sat, 12 Mar 2016 07:13:00 +0100 Despite qualifying for the finals, Hannes Arch without WM points in Abu Dhabi http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/despite-qualifying-for-the-finals-hannes-arch-without-wm-points-in-abu-dhabi.html Before the imposing background of Abu Dhabi, fans of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2016 saw a start to the season with surprises, dramatic man against man duels and the Frenchman Nicolas Ivanoff as lucky winner. The Austrian pilot Hannes Arch fought his way through to the finals, was disqualified and fell back to place 10. The start of the difficult course across the Persian Gulf, created in many ways an unexpected but highly fascinating starting point for Hannes Arch´s home race on 23/24th April in Spielberg. The first of “Round of 14” of the Red Bull Air Race World Championships 2016 in Abu Dhabi had a number of hidden surprises. Whilst Martin Sonka (CZE) and the World Champion of 2014, Nigel Lamb (GB) did not survive the first round due to difficult mistakes, the Frenchman Francois Le Vot  was able to gain points with a faultless run as “Fastest Loser”. The Austrian Hannes Arch made it really exciting.   In a direct duel with Juan Velarde (ESP), it looked like a calculated  lead for the Styrian up until shortly before the end of his run due to the incorrect passing of Air Gate 13, two penalty seconds were given and the Spaniard with anmextremely small margin of a seventh hundred of a second took over the lead. The top favourite in the fight for the WM title had less luck. 
In the “Round of 8” Hannes Arch met with US American Michael Goulian. The Styrian kept a cool head, and with a faultless flight, laid down a good time.  Goulian gave his best, remained without penalty, but could not break the time of Hannes Arch.
For his final debut Le Vot had the exercise in Abu Dhabi to lay down a top time, the Frenchman had however to pocket  a two second penalty. Hannes Arch went in as second into the race, but was not rewarded for his full commitment. The Styrian passed over the safety line, was disqualified and ended his racing day outside the point scala. Matthias Dolderer and Nicolas Ivanoff then gave a thrilling battle for the win which the Frenchman very closely won. 
Focus for Hannes Arch fully concentrated on Spielberg. The Austrian Hannes Arch did not leave a good track in Abu Dhabi, but took it with good humor  “I must just grin a little, because I had reservations right from the beginning about the course. Today I kept to the G-craft- limit. When you do not pull, then you turn to the crowd line over which I then flew. Therefore something was not quite right with the track. Congratulations to Nicolas, Matthias and Francois, who all made well of the situation. My focus is now fully on Spielberg, where I would naturally like to fly on the podium at home and I would like to tell my fans that I will give my best!” 

All information of this home race with Hannes Arch in Spielberg (23/24th April) and tickets at www.redbullairrace.com/de_AT/event/spielberg-2016.

news-33 Wed, 09 Mar 2016 09:22:22 +0100 Red Bull Air Race 2016 – the season kicks off! http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/red-bull-air-race-2016-the-season-kicks-off.html Finally, the ultimate motorsport series takes off again with the traditional season opening at Abu Dhabi, UAE. The quest for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship begins on Friday, March 11, with the first qualifying of the season. Hannes Arch is one of the top favourites and eager to win the title. Especially at his home race at Spielberg, Austria, at the end of April, Arch wants to deliver a perfect performance. For the 9th time consecutively, Abu Dhabi will host the kick-off event of the Red Bull Air Race season, just as it has become tradition over the course of the previous years. The breath-taking skyline of the UAE capital offers the perfect backdrop for this spectacular competition. 14 of the world’s best pilots will rush through the air gates at the Arabian Gulf in their fast race planes that fly at speeds of up to 370 kph. The biggest challenge for man and machine is the high temperature under the desert sun.

After the retirement of reigning world champion Paul Bonhomme (GBR), the 2016 Red Bull Air Race World Championship is a whole new game. Apart from Hannes, some other pilots are in the mix for the title, such as Australian Matt Hall who missed the title by 5 points in 2015, or Martin Sonka from the Czech Republic who has been a constant in the top rankings in previous years. But Hannes is highly motivated and will do everything to finally win his longed-for second title. At Abu Dhabi, he had some good experiences in the past: “I like the first race of the season because it’s mentally challenging. There’s lot of unknowns, and that’s something I can deal with quite well.” His goal is clear: “I want to reach the finals without any penalty.” His slogan for the race is to “stay cool” as it “is always quite hot at Abu Dhabi!”

All races will be broadcast live on www.redbullairrace.com.

news-6 Tue, 15 Dec 2015 11:08:00 +0100 Red Bull Air Race 2016 Calendar announced with new locations in Germany and U.S. http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/red-bull-air-race-2016-calendar-announced-with-new-locations-in-germany-and-us.html The eight-race 2016 World Championship season will feature a long awaited return to a famed German auto-racing track, as well as a historic debut in the U.S. city that’s home to one of the most prestigious motorsport races on the planet. The Red Bull Air Race World Championship will mark its ninth season in 2016 with two exciting new stops where fans are passionate about motorsports: the famed Lausitzring in Germany and the U.S. city of Indianapolis, Indiana, home to the Indianapolis 500 that’s renowned as part of the “Triple Crown” of auto racing. 

In a season that spans seven countries over eight races, the enthralling motorsport series will also captivate spectators at stops that have already become favorites in the calendar.

It all kicks off on March 11/12, with the traditional season opener over the Arabian Gulf in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for the ninth straight time. Next up, the action is back at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria – one of the highlight venues in the Formula One calendar on 23/24 April, as it will be Hannes Arch home race again.

The high-speed, low-altitude race will then return to Japan, following the overwhelming success of the debut race in 2015 that sold out across the weekend.

The Championship then moves to Budapest, Hungary on July 16/17 where the racetrack’s 25-meter-high pylons are set up in the heart of the city, contrasting with the stunning backdrop of the Parliament Building, a location which has hosted seven races.

On August 13/14, the setting is Ascot in England, the renowned horse-racing track that has proven to be one of the all-time favorite stops in the history of the sport, before the series makes that breathlessly anticipated return to the Lausitzring on September 3/4, where fans will be able to savor a race in Germany for the first time since 2010.

Once again the final two races of the season will be in North America; first, on October 1/2, with the Red Bull Air Race premiere at Indianapolis, a sport-loving city in the country’s heartland where motorsport is king. The season finale happens on October 15/16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the new World Champion will be crowned at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“We look forward to bringing the race closer to even more fans in 2016, and it will be a privilege to share our sport at two more locations that are rich with motorsport history,” said Erich Wolf, General Manager of Red Bull Air Race GmbH. “The pilots and teams are already hard at work on technical innovations and strategic plans, and the races at all eight stops promise to be faster and more competitive than ever. The year ahead should be thrilling for spectators and competitors alike.”

Ticketing for the 2016 season of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship will begin in mid December. Tickets for Red Bull Air Race in Spielberg are available under www.gpticketshop.com/de/redbullairrace/red-bull-air-race-spielberg/tickets.html. For more information on tickets or the latest, visit www.redbullairrace.com


 2016 Race Calendar:

  1. Abu Dhabi, UAE                      11/12 March

  2. Spielberg, Austria                   23/24 April

  3. Chiba, Japan                           4/5 May

  4. Budapest, Hungary                 16/17 July

  5. Ascot, Great Britain                13/14 August

  6. Lausitzring, Germany              3/4 September 

  7. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA      1/2 October 

  8. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA          15/16 October 


news-7 Mon, 19 Oct 2015 08:32:00 +0200 Hannes Arch Third in Red Bull Air Race World Championship World Championship 2015 http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-third-in-red-bull-air-race-world-championship-world-championship-2015.html A mixed-bag of a season comes to an end for Hannes. That said, with a positive third-place finish in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2015, he can be well satisfied with himself and his performances. Taking a good 5th place in the final race in Las Vegas, he was able to defend his World Championship bronze. Hannes now has an up-and-down season behind him. After problems in the first two races of the season in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Chiba (JAP), he brought out his “A-game” in Rovinj (CRO) and Budapest (HUN), temporarily moving up to second place in the World Championship. Unfortunately, this was followed by a run of bad luck that included an engine problem in Ascot (GBR), a wind gust and early elimination at his home race in Spielberg, as well as another loss in Fort Worth (USA). In order to defend his 3rd place in the overall World Championship rankings, Arch only needed to stay in front of Czech Martin Sonka, which he managed to do. Time penalty-free flights, a 5th-place finish at the end of what had been such a difficult season for him, and ultimately World Championship bronze certainly provided Hannes with some degree of consolation: “It’s indescribable. No one could have expected what happened today. We won as a team. This was my toughest World Championship to-date.”

After a season which had not gone well, especially the races in the second half of the season, he really was very satisfied with third place. “Despite everything, it is a very good ranking, and shows that my team and I worked well together. Naturally, winning the Red Bull Air Race World Championship would have been the big achievement, but I’ve learned my lessons and I’ll move forward with what I have learned”, the Styrian concluded, already excited to head into the 2016 season perfectly prepared and optimistic about his prospects.

Brit Paul Bonhomme was able to write history, the first pilot ever to secure a third World Championship title, after previous wins in 2009 and 2010, in this, the world’s fastest motor sports series. Winner of four races this season in total, all the 51-year-old needed was a second place (48.968) in the Las Vegas’ Final 4 behind the man chasing him, Matt Hall. The Australian’s 48.604 was enough to complete his second victory of the season.

World Championships Rankings:

1st Bonhomme (76 points), 2nd Hall (71), 3rd Arch (34), 4th Sonka (29), 5th

Dolderer (26), 6th Muroya (23), 7th Lamb (20), 8th McLeod (19), 9th Ivanoff (15),

10th Goulian (13), 11th Chambliss (9), 12th Besenyei (8), 13th Velarde (0), 14th Le


Vot (0)

news-8 Sun, 05 Jul 2015 19:44:00 +0200 Red Bull Air Race - Hannes Arch grabs second win with thrilling victory in Budapest http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/red-bull-air-race-hannes-arch-grabs-second-win-with-thrilling-victory-in-budapest.html Hannes Arch won the Red Bull Air Race World Championship stop in the heart of Budapest on Sunday, overcoming scorching heat and a ferocious challenge from championship leader Paul Bonhomme to pull off a stylish victory. With his second straight victory, he moved into second place overall of world’s fastest motorsport series at the midway point of the eight- race championship with 29 points. Bonhomme, who still has the overall lead with 34 points, was a close second, just 0.207 of a second behind Arch's winning time of 59.350 seconds in the high-speed, low-altitude race on the breathtaking track set up on the Danube River in front of the Hungarian parliament building. Martin Sonka of the Czech Republic was third in the race where the world’s 14 best pilots were flying at speeds of up to 370 km/h just meters above the surface of Danube River in front of thousands of spectators. It was the sixth time the Red Bull Air Race was staged in Budapest, one of the most spectacular locations where the pilots enter the track by flying beneath the city’s iconic Chain Bridge.

Hannes Arch, who struggled in the training sessions and was only third in Qualifying on Saturday, was unstoppable through the first two elimination rounds, comfortably advancing through the Round of 14 and the Round of 8. But he was pushed to the limits in the riveting Final Four by Bonhomme, Sonka and Pete McLeod of Canada, who ended up fourth. Even as temperatures soared far above 30 degrees, Arch calmly held on to deliver his best performance of the week.

“Things couldn’t be going better right now,” said a beaming Arch, who also won got his first career win here in Budapest in 2008 that put him on course to win the world championship that year. “The key is to put it all together at the right time. It doesn’t help if I do it in Qualifying or training. I had the confidence that I could put it all together at the right time.”

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship moves to its next stop in Ascot (UK) on August 15-16.

Results Budapest: 1. Hannes Arch (AUT), 2. Paul Bonhomme (GBR), 3. Martin Sonka (CZE), 4. Pete McLeod (CAN), 5. Matt Hall (AUS), 6. Peter Besenyei (HUN), 7. Matthias Dolderer (GER), 8. Nigel Lamb (GBR), 9. Yoshihide Muroya (JPN), 10. Kirby Chambliss (USA), 11. Michael Goulian (USA), 12. Francois Le Vot (FRA), 13. Juan Velarde (ESP), 14. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA).

World Championship standings: 1. Bonhomme 34 points, 2. Arch 29, 3. Hall 29, 4. Sonka 16, 5. McLeod 14, 6. Lamb 13, 7. Dolderer 13, 8. Goulian 8, 9. Ivanoff 6, 10. Besenyei, 11. Muroya 4, 12. Chambliss 2, 13. Velarde, 14. Le Vot

news-9 Sun, 31 May 2015 17:57:00 +0200 Hannes Arch wins thrilling Red Bull Air Race battle in Rovinj http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/hannes-arch-wins-thrilling-red-bull-air-race-battle-in-rovinj.html Hannes Arch won the Red Bull Air Race in Rovinj for the second year in a row in the most competitive race in the history of the high-speed, low-altitude sport. The Austrian bounced back in style after struggling in training this week and Qualifying on Saturday to win the third race of the 2015 season and turn the eight-race world championship battle into a tight-three way fight at the top. Hannes prevailed in an intense battle on Sunday against the world’s best pilots and changing winds off the Adriatic Sea to claim the victory in the Red Bull Air Race in Rovinj, Croatia. Martin Sonka of the Czech Republic got a career-best second place in the race, where pilots hit speeds of 370 km/h, while Matt Hall of Australia got his third straight podium with third place on the difficult, windswept racecourse set up just off the shorelines of Rovinj. 

“It’s special,” said Hannes, clearly moved by the support from the Austrian supporters and his family as well as his recovery from a dismal 11th place two weeks ago in Chiba, Japan. “We started slowly here this week in training but I realized my lines were good and I tried to focus on my game and not anyone else. I’m really happy to win in Croatia in front of so many fans.

Britain’s Paul Bonhomme, who won Qualifying but finished in eighth and Australia’s Matt Hall, who was third in Rovinj, are on top of the championship with 25 points each while Hannes jumped from seventh place overall to third on 17 points after getting 12 for the win in Croatia. Hannes also sent a large contingent of Austrian fans who traveled to Rovinj into a frenzy with his 10th career victory in the world’s fastest motorsport series. 

news-10 Sun, 17 May 2015 10:28:00 +0200 Red Bull Air Race Japan http://www.hannesarch.com/updates/news/detail/red-bull-air-race-japan.html Hannes Arch struggled to find the right lines at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship’s second leg in Chiba, Japan on Sunday and was eliminated in a penalty-marred opening round by his old nemesis Paul Bonhomme of Britain. Hannes, who had posted the fastest time in training on Saturday and came to the first-ever race in Japan hoping for his 10th career victory, was disappointed by 11th place and the opening round defeat on the fast out-and-back racecourse set up in front of Makuhari Beach. Racing at speeds of 370 km/h in front of a sold-out crowd of 60,000 spectators on the high-speed, low-altitude track, Arch tried to pull out the stops in his difficult first-round match-up against Bonhomme, who won the season opener in Abu Dhabi and was third in Qualifying on Saturday. Hannes, the 2008 world champion, had an uncharacteristic off-day in Qualifying and was 12th on Saturday after picking up a two-second penalty for incorrect level flying at the tricky gate 3. That forced him into the knock-out round match-up against Bonhomme. Hannes made the same mistake at the same gate on Sunday, a costly error that he could ill-afford to make against two-time champion from Britain.

Hannes, who finished fourth in the season opener in Abu Dhabi, was hoping to find a way to get back on the podium again in Chiba, Japan – the first time the race was staged in Eastern Asia. He had won the second stop of the 2014 season in Rovinj, Croatia and the second stop in 2010 in Perth, Australia but saw his unusual “winning streak” in the second race of the last two seasons end abruptly in Japan.

Sunday’s race was the first ever in Japan and the 60th Red Bull Air Race since the sport was launched in 2003. It was warmly embraced by in Chiba, the birthplace of civil aviation in Japan. A record-breaking 120,000 tickets were sold for the two days of racing action and there was heavy media coverage all week. 


The next Red Bull Air Race will be in Rovinj, Croatia on May 30/31.