Red Bull Air Race

As the first European to win the World Championship in 2008, Hannes Arch is without doubt one of the most exciting and ambitious pilots of the Red Bull Air Race. His commendable and active spirit has influenced and improved the very development of the Red Bull Air Race.

“It was such an awesome moment when I won my first race in Budapest in 2008. That is what you dream of as a race pilot – to win.” says Hannes Arch in anticipation of the comeback of The Red Bull Air Race series, which was cancelled in 2011 and only returned in 2014. “I always tried to stay motivated during the break – we’re pilots, and we want to race. I was always optimistic that it would start up again, and when I found out it was going ahead in 2014, I was very happy. Everyone wants to win, and I’m no different. I know how much determination it takes!”
With his breathtaking win in 2008, Arch was able to step out of other race veterans’ shadows during his second season.
His fearless racing style has shaken up the flying world – completely changing the sport’s dynamics. Arch has now been on the podium multiple times, thanks to his highly focused, intensive flying.
In order to stay one step ahead of long-time rivals Paul Bonhomme and Nigel Lamb, Arch and his team constantly strive to improve his plane and his performance.
After a three-year break, the famous race finally celebrated its comeback in 2014 and Hannes Arch, with two victories and steady performances, made a very strong showing, barely missing out on victory by a hair. The Red Bull Air Race Saison 2015 had its ups and downs for him, though he was ultimately able to chalk up third place in the overall standings.