When Hannes Arch talks to an audience, he doesn’t just tell them about his life and career, he takes them on a journey. A journey to the summits and valleys of a life on the edge, a journey to his roots and ultimately to the core of every one of his listeners.info(at)hannesarch.com

Looking back on an exceptional career as an extreme adventurer, Hannes Arch knows that it’s important to push your boundaries, to aim for more and risk something in order to follow your visions. However, he also knows that it’s just as important to stay true to yourself, to remember where you came from and cherish the simple things.

In his talks, the Red Bull Air Race champion doesn’t only speak about taking off, but also about staying down to earth, about aiming for the top but staying rooted in authenticity. However, all of this just forms the basic framework, the foundation for any given topic you want Hannes Arch to speak about. Accompanied by stunning images and video footage, his talks are a multimedia experience that shows the exceptional high-flyer from his most personal side.